Opening Performance

Promise of the Moon
달의 약속
Promise of the Moon
달의 약속
Artist Creative Dandi
Running time 30Min
Genre Aerial Performance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
- Opening Performance Open Theater A 20th SEP, 2019 20:00


One man who leaves the way for life labyrinth

‘Promise of the moon’ is a fairytale depiction of a human being frustrated and troubled in the division of dreams and reality. We face the cold face of repeated everyday life, and there is a moon that always accompanies us. The moon is another self that silently watches for failures, frustrations, and despair, and sometimes grows through encouragement and comfort. It is a fantastic and magnificent piece that gives us the courage to take one more step in the labyrinth of repetitive life.

About group

‘Creative Dandi’ is Korea's representative vertical / Aerial performance group. They explore the relationship between human body and rope, gravity and power by presenting new perspectives on performance space, such as building exterior walls, truss structures, natural environments, and aerials using cranes. Dandi's work centered on the challenge and will of human beings who want to fly to the sky, expressing aesthetics and physical movements, and aesthetic challenge to create new space and time. ‘Creative Dandi’ aims for free will and creative artisticity that reflects and reflects on the inside of human beings. Through the sensational materials of the human body and the body, They are constantly striving for artistic communication that conveys new senses and meanings to the audience.


연출 : 김종석
조연출 : 조국원
작가 : 임형수
보조작가 : 박정인
음악 : 김정용
안무 : 석수정
공중안무 : 창작중심 단디
공중오브제 디자이너 : 김동현
무대 디자이너 : 오태훈
무대 디자인보 : 김태환
오브제 디자이너 : 윤미연
의상 디자이너 : 김상희
조명 디자이너 : 노명준
영상 디자이너 : 정혜지
기술감독 : 황성탁
기술조감독 : 김광호
무대감독 : 변오용
기술자문 : 안의숙
배우 : 김지정, 이민영, 안의숙, 고경민, 최준형, 선한, 장하나

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