My neighbors -Ulsan People

Blind spot
Blind spot
Artist Possicrew
Running time 30 Min
Genre Street Contemporary Dance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 My neighbors -Ulsan People Zelkova Field C 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 16:00
2 My neighbors -Ulsan People Zelkova Field C 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 19:00


It expresses the scenes of labor of the hidden heroes of economic growth in Ulsan, the city known for amazing economic growth with the development of industrial complexes.  It captures their sweats and the industrial scenes that you cannot easily see.  This piece combines street dance and street theater to overcome the limit of street dance. 

About group

‘Possicrew’ is a performing arts group based on Ulsan. They are mostly focused on street dance, but they collaborate with various organizations to actively engage in performance directing and street art platforms.

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