My neighbors -Ulsan People

Taehwa River Adagio
태화강 아다지오
Taehwa River Adagio
태화강 아다지오}
Artist Ulsan Theater Art Company
Running time 60 Min
Genre Parade


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 My neighbors -Ulsan People Butterfly Field B 20th Sep (Fri.), 2019 19:00
2 My neighbors -Ulsan People Butterfly Field B 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 21:00


The symbol of Taehwa River is life and civilization. ‘Taehwa River Adagio’ expresses the life of Taehwa River through acting, music, and dance based on the tale of Berriggeut among the many tales of Taehwa River.  The combination of singing, dancing, and live performance also improvises various objects so the audiences taking a walk can join the performances.

About group

Founded in 2005, ‘Ulsan Theater Art’ was registered as a professional art company of Ulsan in 2008 to present various performances, such as <Gosirae>, <The Happy Family>, <At the Wharf>, and <Gyeong Suk and Gyeong Suk's Father>, to gain popularity among the people of Ulsan. In 2010, their play <Until Dusk> were invited to Pohang Sea Theater Festival, Gumi Samjogo Asia Theater Festival, and Yeonghonam Theater Festival. That year, they also performed <The Tale of Taehwa Castle> to win a gold prize at Gomanaru Theater Festival. They are planning to focus on creating plays through which they can interact and empathize with the people.

Cast and Staff

Director_ Un Bong Baek
Composer_ Deok Sang Woo
Performers_ Yeong Hee Kim, Mi Suk Kim, Nam Suk Go, Byeo Ri Park, Se Jeong Shin, Jeong Hwa Lee, Min Yeong Song, Jeong Woo Lee, Yeong Cheol Oh, Dae Sam Song, Eun Jeong Gwon
Staff Members_ Seon Ok Go, Geum Suk Shim

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