Official Invitations

Chair, Table, Chair.
체어, 테이블, 체어.
Chair, Table, Chair.
체어, 테이블, 체어.}
Artist Team Funniest
Running time 45 Min
Genre Clown Theatre


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Wooden DECK E 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 17:00
2 Official Invitations Wooden DECK E 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 16:00


The story of chairs and people told by a circus band. 


The multilateral meanings and emotional images told by music are expressed through various materials and genres, such as mime, bubbles, and circus. Music plays the stories of joy, anger, sadness, and entertainment in our lives, while the chairs and tables in the performance express our everyday life. The scenes created by various artistic materials and genres show us sitting in a small world. The chairs on which we are seated cherish various memories and become sounds containing various emotions to bring them altogether into a performance. 

About group

‘Team Funniest’ includes the meaning of ‘the most joyous’ and ‘funniest’ along with the meaning of ‘people coming after joy’ or ‘the funniest people.’ The name reflects their determination to be with the audiences all the time and take charge of their laughter. Founded in 2003, the team is performing the rare ‘circus comedy’ and they are mixing to plan or direct various genres of art, such as juggling, magic, mime, acrobatic, instrumental music, and circus, based on non-verbal street performances.

Cast and Staff

Accordion/Circus_ Hee Myeong Kim
Percussions/Circus_ Dae Seong Choi
Bass/Music Director_ Jae Seong Shim
Saxophone/Mime_ Okuda Masashi

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