Official Invitations

Cathédrale d'acier
철의 대성당
Cathédrale d'acier
철의 대성당}
Artist Osmosis Cie
Running time 60 Min
Genre Multidisciplinary


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Zelkova Field C 20th Sep (Fri.), 2019 21:00
2 Official Invitations Zelkova Field C 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 21:00


A tribute to the industrial site - the Symphony of Steel throughout the Performance


Traveling back and forth a documentary, fiction, and the spectacular reality, the real-life language of the industrial workers have been dramatically mixed with the dancers' movements from Ulsan Heavy Industry of Korea to Gadani Shipbuilding Plant of Pakistan, to the steelmakers in Lorraine.  The exaggerated reality of industrial sites, the dynamic movements of dancers, the witnesses proving the real-life experiences related to the performance, and the truthful messages delivered through media art have been acknowledged globally to be officially invited to various street art festivals in Korea and abroad and recognized for the excellence of artwork. The performance is back again after seven years. It is meaningful that the performamce will premiere in Ulsan, the starting point of the work. It features real Ulsan civic worker "Cho Choon-man," and reminds us of industrial-era female workers who were not illuminated through a reenactment with female dancers.

About group

‘Osmosis Cie’ is a dance company based on Forbach of Lorraine, France. Osmosis Cie has created artistically monumental accomplishments for over 20 years under the direction of Ali Salmi, a dancer and choreographer. They have explored the world of street art with original creations focused on 'artistic sensitivity', 'reality', and 'body' and have been recognized for innovative performances around the world.

Cast and Staff

예술감독 & 구성 & 안무 : Ali SALMI
기계 운전사: Anne Claire JUDE
목격자: 조춘만, Marcel RAMMLER

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