Official Invitations

Invisible City
보이지 않는 도시
Invisible City
보이지 않는 도시}
Artist Seoulkedam
Running time 60 Min
Genre Street Theatre


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Multipurpose Plaza D 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 15:00
2 Official Invitations Multipurpose Plaza D 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 19:00


What does ‘home’ mean to you?


The re-developers come up to an old lady's home and knock on the door disrespectfully while she is enjoying her ordinary daily routine in her home.  This is a black comedy of an old lady who struggles to confront the demolishers and heavy equipment so she can defend her home and garden and keep her special promise from the past.  She finally greets a moment of miracle along with the participating audiences. 

About group

‘Seoulkedam’ was founded in 2010. This team addresses the uncanny events of the city in the form of urban myths to raise questions for the contemporary people. They talk about the 'personal issues within a community' with new styles of experimental theatre on the streets or at specific venues. They strive to create complex/multifaceted plays at various alternative spaces with the characteristics of spaces, meaning of place, and signs to breathe in the urban redevelopment zones or the dying urban spaces the meaning of community life and artistic energy.

Cast and Staff

작: 공동창작
연출: 유영봉
출연: 김성환, 오선아, 길덕호, 허진
드라마터그: 김서진
조명: 정대원
음향: 조예현
무대감독: 공하성

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