Official Invitations

Artist Visual Theater CCOT
Running time 50 Min
Genre Multidisciplinary


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Butterfly Field B, 9/21(토) 14:00 | 9/22(일) 14:00 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 14:00
2 Official Invitations Butterfly Field B 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 14:00


A Heartwarming Hour for You, Who is Fragile As Paper! - ‘Community Performance’ performed by Citizens of the World!


The civil performers who are posing as the massagers on the street through a workshop invite the passers-by as customers to cover them with a sheet of paper for a special paper massage.  Then the customers turn into paper people.  The paper people come to life for dramatic events with the people and disappear into the wind, water, or fire.  It is a special performance where all participants embrace the weakness of people and think about the meaning of vulnerability.  Everyone is a stranger to one another, but they converse with their bodies side by side, turning the everyday spaces in the city into poetic places.  All participating citizens will realize preciousness of their existence while looking at their clones disappear. 

About group

‘CCOT’ is a performing art group that pursues visual theater combining visual art and performing art. Founded in 2000 by Cheol Seong Lee and Jin Yeong Kim who were attending ‘The School of Visual Theater' in Jerusalem, Israel, the group is highly active in Korea and abroad. They are striving to combining visual artistic materials (paintings, sculptures, and media art), theatrical materials (bodies, spaces, and objects), and musical materials (sounds and voices) to explore the depth of life.

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