Official Invitations

Artist Vanessa Grasse
Running time 60 Min
Genre romenade Contemporary Dance


‘Mesh’ explores how to gather people into one through choreographed by the audience. A group of dancers wander through the streets and public spaces of the city, using places and buildings to build structures and weaving the mesh of the body to allow people to react on their own. It is like a moving piece that is not fixed. It creates a unique community of people and pedestrians from different spaces and creates a unique ensemble of works based on support and cooperation.

About group

Vanessa is a dance and multidisciplinary artist from Sicily now based in Leeds, UK. Her work embraces improvisation, cross art-form collaboration and site-specific performance. She is interested in how we experience and practice perception in our daily living with the environment and with others, and how we sense and inhabit a place. Ecology is an important aspect of her work, acknowledging the relational nature of self and environment and the resonance of movement, action and agency.

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