Artist Project Luminary
Running time 20 Min
Genre Aerial Performance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Fringe Open Theater A-2 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 16:00
2 Fringe Open Theater A-2 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 16:00


Express the vibration of body.
Visualize the beating of pulse. 
Show other sounds of the body to the audiences. 
The key to this project is seeing the sounds of the body, not hearing.  The movement of body is combined with other matters to better display the vibration of pulse.  The movement of body that begins with the vibration of pulse is similar to ‘circus’ and ‘dance,’ but it is combined with other properties.  This maximizes the visualization of sounds. 

About group

'Project Luminary' is a team that discovers the new movements and possibilities of actors based on aerial art and dance and communicates with contemporary audiences in various ways. It suggests alternatives distinguished from previous performances such as aerial performances, dances, physical plays that maximize the movements of actors, street plays for social participation, and performances outside the theater. They experiment the possibilities rather than following the standardized order of performance, discover new styles within the frame of contemporary performing arts, and create new values through in-depth exploration.

Cast and Staff

제작 및 연출
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출연_ 우소현, 용희진

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