The Lion who?
The Lion who?
Artist Dance Project EGERO
Running time 30 Min
Genre Street Contemporary Dance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Fringe Butterfly Field B 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 16:00
2 Fringe Butterfly Field B 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 16:00


Today, we are obsessed with fixed concepts and align ourselves with the social roles or positions that are given to us.  It is ideal to respect diversity in the horizontal relationships, but we are stuck with hierarchical relationships most of the time.  This relationship is called the ‘dominant-subordinate relationship.’  This piece expresses the human society with an endless chain of inequality and irrationality through contemporary dances based on the complete text of Bukcheongsaja, a popular performance of the past. 

About group

'Dance Project EGERO' was founded in 2014 and communicates to the audiences the various senses based on internal examination through various types of movements. Group Name ‘EGERO’ combines the Korean postpositions meaning 'to.' They focus on communicating the senses that come before language through collaboration and movements and creating performances reflecting the contemporary topics.

Cast and Staff

Performers_ Geon Gang, Yu Seong Kim, Yong Jin Lee, Byeong Yu Noh, Byeong In Jeong
Music_ Jin Hyeong Kim, Jeong Hun Seo, Ho Yong Lee, Hana Lee
Staff_ Yu Jin Shin

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