Street Arts Forum 2019: The “Street Arts Forum”, which starts with the Ulsan Promenade Festival 2019, consists of two parts.

In Part 1, we will discuss the history of street arts and the present situation of the Korean street arts, with street artists invited to the Ulsan Promenade Festival.

In Part 2, a free round table, artists and cultural artists from Ulsan will gather to discuss Ulsan’s arts creation and cultural planning environment under the theme of “Arts in Ulsan, and Planning Cultural Arts in Ulsan.”

The Forum will be a place to reflect on the various cultural and artistic activities that took place in Ulsan with current and future colleagues, and imagine the future of Ulsan, the cultural and artistic city.
Introduce Forum
ㆍ Date
2019. 9. 22. (Sun.) 10:00 - 13:00
ㆍ Place
To be announced
ㆍ Details
1. Forum <The Origin of Street Arts and the Present of the Korean Street Arts>
- Presentation 1. What are street arts?
- Presentation 2. The history and the current status of the Korean street arts
2. Round-table conference <Engaging in arts in Ulsan, and planning cultural arts in Ulsan>>
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