Closing Performance

France, Korea
Symphony in Promenade
심포니 인 프롬나드
Symphony in Promenade
심포니 인 프롬나드
Artist Transe Express × Woorirang
Running time 45Min
Genre Aerial Music Performance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
- Closing Performance Open Theater A 22nd SEP, 2019 20:00


a symphony of promenade meet in the national garden.

France's leading street theatre group, Transe Express, and Ulsan's Woorirang will be the finale of the festival. The drumming team from France and the traditional percussions of Korea perform competitively and create the human mobile in the air. France's drum corps, reminiscent of soldiers from the Napoleon era, and Korea's traditional percussion music, which symbolizes the circuses, clouds, rain, wind and thunder, meet at a narrow height to create a new sensation. The finale of the symphony, which will be made with Ulsan Citizens' Pungmulpae with about 100 people, invites you to be a part of it.

About group

Transe Expresse
It is a French street arts company founded in 1982 and embroidered the skies of the world with art for more than 37 years. It is creating artistic materials such as music and visual arts, circus technology, flame, literature, metallurgy, opera, rock, dance, etc. without limitation, especially working to convert everyday spaces into artistic intense collective memories with large outdoor performances using public spaces and the air as the stage.

‘Woorirang’ is an company that tries to make bold productions that maximize messages expressed by performers using strong visual elements, various live performances, and ingenious stage settings.


- Transe Expresse
Hocine Bouguerra - artist
Joël Catalan - artist
Frank Gaffiot – technical director
Jean-Marc Chaix - artist
Raphael Carrara - artist
Ivan Tziboulsky - artist
Iko Madengar - artist
Olivier Mirande - artist
Tarzana Foures - artist
Léa Lhomme – production manager

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