Official Invitations

Darkness Poomba
다크니스 품바
Darkness Poomba
다크니스 품바}
Artist Modern Table
Running time 45 Min
Genre Street Contemporary Dance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Open Theater A-2 20th Sep (Fri.), 2019 18:00
2 Official Invitations Open Theater A-2 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 20:00


A night of souls beyond time and space - Norikoshi Takao, Dance Critic 


This is the contemporary dance version of Korea's traditional ‘Poomba.’  Oriental objects are used to improvise live sounds and the all-male dancers impressively demonstrate their dynamically curved movements.  It is 70% dance and 30% music with fast-paced movements without any stage set yet with the live performance of a guitar, bass, and drums and a vocal singer's Pansori.  About halfway through the performance, the boundary between the audiences and the stage disappears and the dancers come down to the seats to communicate with the audiences through movements and sounds. 

About group

'Modern Table' is a young dance company led by Choreographer Jae Deok Kim that continuously reaches out to the audiences through interdisciplinary performances. They pursue boundary-less creations that bring musical, Pansori, rock, hip-hop, and more to contemporary dance. They have attracted attention with innovative ideas and unpredictable experiments with singing dancers and lifting the boundaries between the audiences and the stage. The popular cultural sentiments are unraveled through academic techniques and speed, while the Korean themes are told in contemporary terms to solidify their unique identity.

Cast and Staff

안무/음악/예술감독_ 김재덕
무용수_ 김재덕, 이정인, 김남훈, 김래혁, 한태준, 이운기, 김한솔, 김효신
드럼_ 허성은
기타_ 허철주
베이스기타_ 김형민
소리꾼_ 정승준
책임프로듀서_ 전은지

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