Official Invitations

Artist Joan Catala
Running time 45 Min
Genre Multidisciplinary


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Official Invitations Butterfly Field B, 9/20(금) 17:00 | 9/21(토) 18:00 | 9/22(일) 18:00 20th Sep (Fri.), 2019 17:00
2 Official Invitations Butterfly Field B 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 18:00
3 Official Invitations Butterfly Field B 22nd Sep (Sun.), 2019 18:00


“Pelat” is body poetry.    


Starting with a tree pillar and a man, this work consists of silence, anticipation, strength, tension, and magical constant participation. A man and four audiences participate in the work in an active and creative way through a series of eye contact and gestures. It is a work that tells the way in which personalized and individualized modern society builds cooperation and trust through physical activity. Combining dance, theater and the circus, this original work is based on the study of body, movement, human behavior, craftsmanship and tradition. This work is a proposal to remove the bounders between dance, circus, theater, performance, audience and performance.

About group

Joan Català was born in Barcelona and describes himself as a curious observer interested in visual art and movement. Joan trained in contemporary dance, physical theater and clown with different professionals. In 2012, Joan started to develop his own approach around scenic arts focused on street and urban landscapes. The result is the show Pelat which has won Català a number of awards, such as the jury first prize for best street show (2014) at the Miramiro festival in Ghent, Belgium, and the Zirkolika 2013 prizes.

Cast and Staff

Creation, direction and interpretation
Joan Català I Carrasco
Art consulting and external view
Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, Pablo Molinero, David Climent (Los Corderos)

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