Sleepy Theater
자고가요 Vol.1 본격 누워듣는 음악회
Sleepy Theater
자고가요 Vol.1 본격 누워듣는 음악회}
Artist Dayfly99yearold
Running time 45 Min
Genre Installation Music Performance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Fringe Multipurpose Plaza D 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 15:00


It expresses the everyday routine that people do before and after going to sleep in writing and performances.  The audiences appreciate the epic of ‘leisurely, agonized, asleep, dreaming, and awaken’ in the lying position.  The music created with the sounds of instruments such as Gayageum, Piri, Punggyeongjong, and Wonangjong and objects such as the bubble wrap and the calming voice of narrator become a white noise for the audiences. 

About group

‘Dayfly99yearold’ shares with the people the inspiration to 'return to nature' after experiencing 'recovery of human nature in nature' while traveling across Siberia. They create anything in any genre based on extensive experience in painting, installation art, stage, music, media, and street art. They are actively engaging in collaborative creations with other artists, onsite creations for specific spaces, and participatory creations that are completed with audience participation.

Cast and Staff

Director_ Jina Park
Music_ Seon Ju Park, Shin Hye Jeong
Voice Talent_ Seong Taek Jeong

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  • 한국어
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