Tape Riot
테이프 라이엇
Tape Riot
테이프 라이엇}
Artist Asphalt Piloten
Running time 45 Min
Genre Promenade Performance


No. Category Venue Date Showtime
1 Fringe Moving Performances 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 14:00
2 Fringe Moving Performances 21st Sep (Sat.), 2019 18:00


<TAPE RIOT> is built on the reality of urban space and the daily flow of those who inhabit it. Initially it merely causes the onlookers‘ gaze to shift slightly, prompting silent curiosity: Is this normal? Is this real? Two dancers disrupt the pace of passersby pushing the degree of dissociation still further. Lines are drawn splitting the space … Are they defining a frame of reference or opening up perspectives to the beyond? This dynamism triggers the strange sensation of having seen the urban space quite differently.

About group

ASPHALT PILOTEN is a lable under which Anna Anderegg produces works for public space. An artistic open cell designed as an inventive space where multidisciplinary encounters inspire one another. Conceived for particular spacial settings, the pieces persist in changing perceptions to transform the status quo, shifting the outlook on urban everyday life. ASPHALT PILOTEN takes over public spaces, to live out and share their urban utopias.

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